Sunday, 5 February 2012

Listography - Top 5 Phrases That Drive Me Crazy

Over at Kate Takes 5, this weeks themed listography has made me giggle and gives me an opportunity to have a good rant!  The english language these days leaves a lot to be desired, with the introduction of texting, facebook, twitter and other such lazy ways of communicating, (although I do all three!).  Because of this, some new phrases have developed that I particularly despise and some old phrases poke there head through that have sadly stayed with us!
  Here are my top 5 phrases that drive me crazy:

1:  'Thats jokes!' - used by the kids of today, I cannot stand this phrase, I mean, what is wrong with saying 'That's so funny!'  Why turn a perfectly fine sentence like that into something that makes me sound like I have come from Mars?!!

2:  'At the end of the day' - Kate chose this one too, and whenever I hear it I have to finish the sentence by saying, 'It gets dark!'

3:  'Do I hate it when people answer their own question? Yes I do!' - Although not a specific phrase, it winds me up when people do this!  Its not necessary!

4: 'Basically' - just one simple word yet very annoying!  Basically, what?  You are about to tell me something very basic because I don't understand the hard version?!

5:  'I'm well jel!' - A broken down version of  'I am really jealous' courtesy of the not very well spoken TOWIE stars!  Now I am from Essex and I have never used this phrase in my life, and hearing others' use it now makes me cringe!

Thanks for the rant, Im now going to pop over to listography to see what other bloggers have chosen!


  1. You forgot 'whatever!' or as my Brownies have started saying 'whatev's' grrrrr!

  2. Love your response to "at the end of the day".
    With you on the others too and the lack of originality in accepting stuff on tv as our own language

  3. Oh God no. 3 is so annoying and this is the first time I've even heard it!