Thursday, 8 March 2012

The Sketchbook Project - An Update

Now that my winter blues are clearing and I have passed the crappy first stages of pregnancy, I have had the morivation to contiue with my Sketchbook Project.
  To see what I have to do, you can read about it here.

So far I have completed the front and back covers:



 I wanted the cover to have a surprise effect so that people would be tempted to look inside so to have the effect of a bow gives the impression they have to untie it to see what's inside.

I have found the inspiration to complete this book by doing a 30 day drawing challenge and calling it the 30 page challenge

It involves a prompt for each page that will hopefully inspire me to draw!
The first prompt is to draw myself:

Not the best I have ever looked!
In fact, this looks nothing like me and I am a little disappointed with this outcome, but one hundred rubbings and sore fingers later, this was the best I could get it!

I hope to get better along the way as its been a few years since I unleashed my drawng skills on the world and I am a bit rusty!  I hope to combine a mixture of sketching, pop art, cartoons and colour throughout to fill those blank white pages.

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