Sunday, 8 April 2012

100 Years of Titanic - My Fascination

Over this Easter weekend, I went to see Titanic in 3D to commemorate the 100 year anniversary of the ship sinking.  The story behind this holds many memories for me, when I was 14 my fascination of the Titanic began and then the film came out and it completely took over my life!

The first time I watched the film in 1997 was at an Odeon cinema which no longer exists, with five school friends.  Although I knew the end of the story, no one had prepared me for the love story that went with it and hysteria set in and I walked out of that cinema  a bundle of mess!  Sobbing until I had no more tears!  I then revisited the film twice more at the cinema, until the video came out where I proceeded to continue my obsession of all things Titanic.
It was not just the love story that got to me, it was all the people that lost there lives on that fateful night that pulled at my heart strings because it was real.  I went to the library to read about the real story of what happened, how the ship sank and who was to blame.
I used to sit in my room listening to the soundtrack, crying my eyes out and becoming completely overwhelmed by the whole thing!
It stuck with me ever since and I have the movie book, the script book, cds, video and two limited edition dvd versions of the film!
When I knew the 3D version was coming out, I was a little worried what it would be like but I didnt need to worry as it was an amazing cinematic experience.  I felt like I was in the film and everything had been cleaned up and pristine, it was so much better than the 2D version, this film was made for 3D!
It definetely took me back 15 years and I am so grateful that I got to see the film in all its glory at the cinema at the age of 29.  This is my second favourite film,(overtaken by Moulin Rouge in 2001) and the obsession continues.  The story is fascinating, and I will never get my head round what the passengers really went through but the tale will live with us forever.

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  1. I remember watching it at the cinema when it first came out with some school friends … I too was a blubbering wreck.

    Mrs W x