Sunday, 8 April 2012

I Missed My Blogging Birthday!

Life has been so hectic that I came to realise that I have been blogging for over a year now!  How can this be?  I was so sure I had been blogging since April that when it came to putting this post together, the realisation hit me that it was actually February when I joined blogger and that I have completely missed my anniversary!
   So a year and a bit on and I have accomplished 46 followers, 350 posts, and 20,400 page views which is a huge accomplishment for me as I did not think anyone would read my blog!  Im sure many people think this when they begin blogging but I obviously have written about the subjects people want to read about which makes me feel happy that I am not just blogging to myself!
  I started this blog because I wanted to improve my writing skills in order to start my writing career.  In that time, I have written for Company magazine, sent off my first short story to a writing magazine and began a fiction writing course.
  However, since moving home in November then becoming pregnant in December, my writing has deteriorated and there has been less time to write!  Im pretty gutted about this as I really enjoy chilling out when writing, but the motivation has not been there. 
  Also within the year, I began the Day Zero Project which you can follow on my blog and this includes the 365 Day Photo Challenge which I am almost half way through.  It has certainly brought more to my life, not only finding a photo to take every day but to also throw in some challenges which have included buying a new tv and meeting David Tennant!
  Blogging has got me through a tough winter where I suffer from S.A.D, has helped me talk about life experiences such as miscarriage and helped me share more happier times like passing my driving test and getting my first tattoo!
  For the next 10 months, my blog will continue with my challenges but also talk about my pregnancy,baby stuff and hopefully get my writing skills back up to scratch so I can carry on with my writing.  I hope to gain more followers but its great that my regular ones continue to read and be loyal to me.  Lets hope this time next year I have turned my blog into something spectacular!

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