Monday, 30 April 2012

My Love Mondays - My Love for Steps!

Wow, it has been a very long time since my last My Love Mondays, where I open the silly mind of me and share my love for all things weird!
  This weeks theme is courtesy of the band Steps because I saw their reunion gig last week and I am not ashamed to share it with you!

  I was around 15 at the time I first got into them, and it was not the annoying song that did it!  It was in fact their next hit Last Thing On My Mind that got me into Steps and began my obsession with them!
  Three studio albums and a greatest hits later and I was gutted when Steps were no more!  My memories consist of dancing around my bedroom, like any teenage girl, pretending I was in the band and hitting notes so high, my parents used to scream at me for being so loud and out of tune!
  When ever a new album by Steps came out, I was so excited!  I would literally run down to our local Woolworths, dash back home with album in hand and play it from beginning to end with no interruptions whilst reading the inlay book from cover to cover!
  What was it about Steps I loved so much?
They were different.  Every song brought with it a different theme, from Chinese in After the Love Has Gone, to Spanish in Summer of Love which kept them fresh.
  Their catchy pop tunes got stuck in your head all day but that was a good thing!  The dance moves added excitement and meant that us kids could join in and share what the band felt.  It was a visual wonderment and there has never been a more successful pop band when selling concert tickets.
  When I went to see them live at the O2 last week, it brought back so many memories of exactly why I loved them so much and ten years after they split, I was dancing around, all be it a little older and 5 months pregnant!
  The arena was filled with campness, I assumed loads of small kids would be there but it was packed with grown adults, all of which had grown up with Steps just like me, knew all the dance moves and song lyrics and we had one massive party!
  Steps, individually showcased their talents by performing a song each, concluded by the most powerful voice in the band, Claire who belted out a Celine Dion cover of I Surrender and showed us what she was made of.
  I came away from this concert with a big smile on my face and out of all the 60 odd gigs I have been to, this was the one where I had the most fun!
  My love for Steps will remain in my mind whether they stick around or disappear again.  I still have all their albums which I would happily play out loud to anyone!  Steps are cool and show the world how to party!

My Top 5 Steps Songs:

1:  Chain Reaction
2:  Summer of Love
3:  You'll Be Sorry
4:  Paradise Lost
5:  After the Love Has Gone

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  1. I love steps too!! i remember hearing their very first song 5,6,7,8 and me and my sister learning all the dance moves!!

    And i miss woolies!!!! it was the best shop in our town!!!

    Natasha xx