Sunday, 22 April 2012

Pregnancy Diary - We Are Having A Boy!

Last week, we had our anomaly scan and are pleased to announce we are having a little man!  Our son was pleased to say the least, he came with us to the scan and made it quite clear beforehand that he did not want a sister! 
  We are overjoyed and can begin to decorate what will be a shared boys bedroom, and begin to make preparations for a baby shower, buying everything we need and of course, the birth!
  Now that the scan is out the way and we know our baby is healthy, our next milestone is the visit to antenatal with our midwife in June. 
  In the meantime, I am continuing to bloom, (see previous post!) and we are enjoying feeling our baby wiggle, kick and punch!  He is so lowdown that most of my bump seems pointless!  I did not have this with Jacob until I was at least 7 months pregnant where then he pushed on my bladder, but this little man is already doing this!
  The heartburn is not too bad but I am more prone to it at night, and my back is starting to hurt.  The bump is so big that I feel very uncomfortable already!  I am trying not to moan too much about it but its hard, I know it will only get worse but its all for a good cause!
  I have also recently taken up swimming as the only excersize I get is doing the school run, and even then thats in the car!  I thought I would feel lighter in the pool but because I havent used certan muscles in a while, I felt heavy and everything was pulling, my arms ached and I got tired quicker!  I must be the only pregnant woman to suffer when swimming!  Still, I will keep it going and I know there are many benefits to it.


  1. congratulations!!! Glad he is healthy and growing well, and you too ;) Keep up with the swimming. You'll be thankful for it when you are fit in labour and get back to your pre-baby body again. Looking forward to reading your pregnancy journey. A x

    1. Aww thank you! Ill definetely keep it up, I can see the.benefits and I get to enjoy it too! Xxx

  2. Ooh congratulations. So lucky your son will be getting the brother he wanted!