Wednesday, 23 May 2012

31 Day Blog Challenge - Day 11 - 15 of my favourite things

Day 11 - 15 of my Favourite Things

  1. Music - everything from indie, metal, emo, electro, dance and pop!
  2. Going to gigs - I have been to 60+ gigs and counting!
  3. Moulin Rouge - The film, the place, the history
  4. Vintage -  furniture, clothes, jewellery
  5. Notebooks - my collection is full of unique, one of a kind notebooks!
  6. Scrapbooking - I have hundreds of photos filling up tons of crafty scrapbooks!
  7. Geeking out - Doctor Who, Sliders, Quantum Leap, and sci fi junk!7
  8. Books - chick lit, kids novels, fantasy, best sellers and all in paperback!
  9. Quizzes - mainly music quizzes because I am especially brilliant at them!
  10. Sunny days - hate the cold, love love love being happy in the sun
  11. Heat magazine - every tuesday without fail for the last ten years!
  12. Blogging - when I am in the mood I love updating my blog
  13. Spending time with family and friends - always make me happy
  14. Bringing my son up - always a joy and a pleasure
  15. Dressing up- fancy dress, cocktail dress, anything different to my everyday clothes!

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