Thursday, 24 May 2012

31 Day Blog Challenge - Day 12 - My Earliest Memory

Day 12 - My Earliest Memory

I am happy to say I had a fabulous childhood, looking back at it with fond memories.  We lived where there were no roads around so we often played outside amongst the maze of pavments and greeney.  My earliest memories consist of riding my yellow bmx, playing 'Knock down Ginger' and having a three storey dolls house where I played with my Barbies!
  It was such a simple life back then, being an 80's child, and there was no such thing as games consoles, downloads or facebook!
  Christmas' were always fun at home and my parents made sure me and my brothers always got equal amounts of presents.  I dont ever remember it snowing on the day though but it was always cosy!
  I was a bit of a spoilt girl when I was younger and another of my earliest memories involves my Mum going to discipline me but accidently knocking me into the radiator and cutting my head!  I don't know why that memory stands out more for me than most but maybe I was scarred for life!

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