Sunday, 27 May 2012

31 Day Blog Challenge - Day 15 - Top of My Bucket List

Day 15 - Top of my Bucket List

I am currently doing the Day Zero Project which is similar to a bucket list where I have picked 101 things to do in 1001 days and most of which I would put on my bucket list.  They are not in any particular order so here are my top five things I wish to do before I die!

Go to a Madonna concert- Having been a fan of hers since I was born, I had never been fortunate enough to catch her live.  Hopefully this is all about to change when I have a ticket for her Hyde Park date this July even being a few months pregnant!

Do a parachute jump - Now I am petrified of attempting to even think about doing this but I know once I get passed the fear, it will be the greatest thing I could do!

Set up my own business - I have many ambitons to work towards and if I had the money, time and motivation I would love to try and own my own bookshop or party planning business!

Visit South America - Mainly because this part of the world fascinates me and Brazil would be a dream come true.  I would also love to visit a few rainforests whilst in the area!

Star in a musical! - I cant sing but I can dance so this is a very ambitious in but just for one night I would love to be on a West End stage performing to my favourtie show songs, preferably Cabaret or Chicago!

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