Sunday, 27 May 2012

Day Zero Project - Be A Member of the Audience of a TV Show

Thanks to my friend Kyle, and some free tickets from I was able to accomplish another challenge on my Day Zero list. 
Having already been part of Big Brothers Big Mouth a couple of years ago,  I really got the TV bug and wanted to see how other shows were filmed.  I never thought I would be going to a talent show especially the biggest one of them all, the X Factor!

It was a gorgeous, hot morning and as we made our way around the O2, these were the views of London we were lucky to see:

Me and Kyle made our way to the queueing system and prepared for a long wait.  It turned out we waited longer than expected and in this scorching heat, and lacking in sun cream we were getting a little agitated and I had ran out of water!  We met a lovely few people in the queue which passed the time and then we were ready to go into the O2.

The auditionees table

After getting a drink and having our bags checked, we made our way to our seats which were surprisingly good!

Look how close we are to the stage!

After about a 45 minute wait, a warm-up guy entertained us for another 35 minutes as there was a delay and this involved him teasing the audience when they were late sitting down, eating people's food, calling people's mums and getting an audience member to sing on stage!
Then it was time to meet Dermot O Leary!

He was on stage for about 5 minutes and then he introduced the judges which today were Louis Walsh, Tulisa, Leona Lewis and Gary Barlow!  They came from the far left so we did not get a chance to see them until they sat down!

Not the best of pictures but may I present the back of each judge on the X Factor!  From left to right, Gary Barlow in his gorgeous suit, Leona Lewis who was quiet and scared to say no, Tulisa who wore bright yellow shorts and Louis Walsh who was funnier than usual!

The show started with 10 acts then a break and then another 10 acts.  It did not seem many but then each act had a long chat with the judges and performed two songs each so the time moved slowly.  Between each act there was about a three minute break where the judges had a chat, and had their make up touched up.
The acts were a fair mix of wedding singers, deluded people and amazing acts and I thouroughly enjoyed watching the process and having a giggle at some of the bad acts.
However, the time did drag and my friend was getting restless so we decided to leave during the break which I was a little gutted about but at the same time, being 25 weeks pregnant did not help me sitting there for three hours so I was a little relieved too.

I had a fun experience and would definetely do it again.  The auditioness must have been so nervous performig in front of a massive audience so its really put me off auditioning myself!

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