Monday, 28 May 2012

31 Day Blog Challenge - Day 16 - My Most Proudest Moment

Day 16 - My Proudest Moment

Of course having my son, Jacob would be my proudest moment but I wanted to pick something that established this even more and it happened recently when my wonderful son grew in confidence and showed me what all the hard work of being a Mum is all about.

Jacob showed an interest in Karate so we decided to take him to an after school club but after three weeks he was still shy and I found I was taking him to something he really did not want to go to. 
  Then recently, I thought I would try him at a football club, one his friend went to and one that would wean him in so he could build his confidence.
  On his very first session I saw a different boy.  He seemed very confident with the ball, listened well and scored 4 goals!  He earned a medal from the coach and I was a blubbery mess!
  It was my proudest moment because not only did Jacob need an all round boost,  it made me feel like I had achieved what being a Mum is all about and it just goes to show that perserverance pays off, however hard it may be to get there.


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