Friday, 18 May 2012

31 Day Blog Challenge - Day 6 - My Pet Hates

Day 6 - My Pet Hates

Oh this post was made for me! I am the worlds moaniest person in terms of pet hates!  I have at least three or four new pet hates everyday and it get sworse as I have got older!  So this list will be longer than it should be but hopefully a good old rant will be needed to make me feel relaxed after!

  • I hate mornings except for summer days when its easy to wake up and jump out of bed,  I hate the mornings when I have work with a rubbish nights sleep topped by it pouring with rain outside and freezing cold!
  • Since learning to drive a year ago, it has opened my eyes to a whole new world of ranting and raving!  I hate drivers who go below the speed limit by at least 10mph, I hate drivers who have no consideration for others, I hate drivers who pull out when you least expect it and blame you, I hate drivers who tailgate me on a motorway when I am already doing 80mph and continue to flash me to bully me aside, I hate drivers who don't indicate round a roundabout, I hate drivers in general!
  • Saturday shoppers is a big pet hate of mine and Dean's despite still going to our local shops every week! We know what to expect yet we still go!  Its packed at the weekend yet our moaning consists of hating the following:  people who walk in front of us and then suddenly stop with no warning then proceed to 'tut' at us for bashing into them; people who cut you up to go in a completely different direction to the flow of the crowd; people holding up queues for no reason, people standing in a queue when you queue up behind them for ten minutes before they turn around and tell you they are not in the queue; children running riot around a shopping centre and the parents screaming their name across your face to get them to stop!
  • There is nothing worse than children not sitting at the table when dining in a restaurant!  It is not difficult to keep your child sitting by entertaining them and talking to them rather than letting them run around a restaurant spoiling dining for everyone else.  My son has never left the table for anything unless he asks and when I used to work in a restaurant I used to tell parents not to let their kids run around as I was carrying hot food to tables.   If you dont want to be disturbed when eating, don't take your children with you!!!
  • Bus drivers who make life difficult for others.  Before I learnt to drive, I used to get two buses there and back everyday to do the school run so I had every run in you could imagine!  Not letting me on the bus with a buggy, not waiting for me to fold the buggy, and most recently not changing a ten pound note for me so I could pay my fare!  Not all bus drivers are evil so then its the turn of the passengers to be rude and not give up their seats for the elderly/pregnant, eating smelly food next to me, a hundred school kids getting on the bus when paying passengers get left behind, people sitting on top of you, kids (again) running riot, etc!!!
  • Cold callers, and clipboard street sellers which I am sure most people will agree with me on!  I tend to walk past the charity sellers in the street however nice they pretend to be.  But the phone calls on our home phone drives me barmy.  It takes ten minutes for them to answer when I have answered my phone, for them then to ask me how I am before even telling me who they are!  They pretend they are not selling me anything but they are just wasting mine and their time.  The latest pet hate includes the shop stalls inside shopping centres where they approach you asking if you would like your hair straightened/ eyebrows plucked/ teeth whitened!  I believe that if your stall is there then I know you can provide me a service if I need it, someone approaching me asking to try it will only make me turn around and dismiss you!
To be honest, I could go on!  But I think this post will over take my blog and my mind and now I come across as a right old moany cow when really I am a stress free, relaxed and harmonious person!  *cough*


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