Thursday, 17 May 2012

31 Day Blog Challenge - Day 5 - Ten Songs I Love Right Now

Day 5 - Ten Songs I Love Right Now

Considering music these days is so awful I have managed to pick ten songs that I love right now!  This would have been easier ten years ago but these days I never listen to the charts, I have no idea who is number one at the moment and I can just about pull through this list with my love for indie!  So here goes, pulling at strings here....

  1. Coldplay - Princess of China  Regular readers of my blog will know how much of a Coldplay fan I am but this song is a duet with Rihanna and is suprisingly amazing!
  2. David Guetta - Titanium  He seems to be everywhere on the radio but this is my favourite by him even if he ripped off his own song on Jessie J's latest hit!
  3. The Maccabees - Feel To Follow  My favourite song this year, I cannot get enough of it and the album is just as good!
  4. Linkin Park - Burn It Down  They are back and regular fans will not be disappointed!
  5. fun. - We Are Youing  Loved by my son, this song is so catchy!
  6. The Wanted - Chasing the Sun  I am a secret fan of theirs'!  Well, I was!
  7. M83 - Midnight City  Have loved this band for years, its nice to see they have some commercial success.
  8. Noel Gallagher - Dream On  Loving his solo album if not a little overplayed at times
  9. Foster the People - Pumped Up Kicks  A happy jolly summer song!
  10. Niki and the Dove - Tomorrow

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  1. They're good, but it seems like they're not trying new sounds and every song sounds like U2. I first heard Yellow when i received tix from in my bth , Anyway, for me the whole Coldplay thing is too calculated. They jumped into the big stadium concerts thing right from the start and started their Vegas era pretty much from the day one, or at least very very soon.