Sunday, 20 May 2012

31 Day Blog Challenge - Day 8 - My Five Senses

Todays blog post challenge is courtesy of a snotty cold and chesty cough!  It involves talking about my five senses at this point in time and how I am using them right now:

Eyes - I am looking at my laptop, of course, plus some Tv at the same time!

Ears - I can hear my son playing in his bedroom with his friend, the tv on a wildlife programme, and the clicking of my typing!

Taste - I am not eating at the moment and probably would not be able to taste anything with this rotten cold anyway!

Touch - The keys on my laptop and I am feeling quite warm

Smell - If a cold can smell, then that's what I can smell right now!  And maybe my baking cake which is in the oven!

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