Monday, 21 May 2012

31 Day Blog Challenge - Day 9 - My Worst Habits

Day 9 - My Worst Habits

I found this post quite hard to get started, not because I don't have bad habits but because I couldn't directly pick them out!  Or maybe I didnt want to!

Bad habit Number 1 - Finger nail biting!

I have been biting my nails ever since I can remember and having tried to stop on numerous occasions and failing, I know this habit will stick with me for life!

Bad habit Number 2 - Being Sarcastic!

I know they say its the lowest form of wit, but its also the best!  I use it when ever an opportunity rises in conversation, usually when I feel awkward or as a defense mechanism.  Some people don't take to it too kindly, mainly because they do not realise I am  not being serious, I just come across really sarcastically!

Bad Habit Number 3 - Going on Facebook!

This has turned into a bad habit but I only usually do it when I am bored and need to occupy myself!  I dont update my status as much as I used to, although I know some people will disagree, but its interesting to keep up with everyone!  Some people would call this being nosey, I would call it taking an interest!

Those are my 3 worst habits, Im sure I have more so may add to this list as I remember or stumble upon them!

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