Sunday, 10 June 2012

Pregnancy Diary - Who Says Pregnancy Stops You Having Fun?!

It has been a while since I wrote about my pregnancy, partly because the second trimester doesn't have much to report and partly as I have been ill!  However, nothing has stopped me from continuing to enjoy myself and even at 28 weeks pregnant I have been to 2 gigs, walked around London and Brighton and had the odd night out with friends.
  Some would say I should be taking it easy, and they would be right but I do still sit for long periods of time where I feel the need to then manoeuvre myself to get some excersize!  Its a happy medium!
  However, I am suffering a bit, all this walking around has led to the baby sitting on a nerve so the whole of my left side of my leg is in a lot of pain.  I cannot seem to walk around longer than half an hour where I then get pins and needles, a sharp shooting pain and a numb sensation in my thigh which is extremely painful.  Now I am hitting the third trimester and of course, I will be slowing down and the going out will be stopped until after baby is born. 
  I have work to contend with, I am hoping to begin maternity leave earlier than I had planned but I will see how I go.
  One thing I have learnt though, is that I have great stamina and however much pain I have been in on these days out, I  have not given up and I have battled my way through the pain.  This, I hope, is a good sign for when I go into labour, but then that may be a whole different story!

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