Thursday, 26 July 2012

Day Zero Project - Host a Baby Shower

I have never been to or held a baby shower before and as part of my Day Zero Project I decided to have one to celebrate my second pregnancy. 
  I had to do some research online as to what exactly happens at a baby shower and from this I felt three games would be an appropriate amount to do with prizes.  Game number one involved my guests bringing a baby photo of themselves which we hid in a box and pulled out one by one so we could guess who was who.  This provided a lot of laughs and proved a good ice breaker especially for any guests that did not know each other. Game number two was something I got from the internet, a number of personalised scratch cards where two of them were winners and gained prizes when scratched off.  Game number three was a home made quiz entitled, 'How Well Do You Know Mummy and Daddy?' and I gave the guests ten questions about me, Dean and Jacob such as our favourite movies and how big is my bump?!
My two fabulous best friends offered to do my food for the shower and thank goodness they did as they did a much better job than I thought I ever could!  Their theme was Sunday Afternoon Tea including vintage tea cups with sugar cubes, cupcake stands, ham and cheese sandwiches and home made scones!

I was squealing with delight!

Another friend of mine made these unique cupcakes:

They have my 20 week scan picture on which some would say was weird as it felt like we were eating the baby but they tasted good!

My amazing friends also hand made bunting and paper chains:
The whole afternoon was well thought out by them and I cannot thank them enough for taking the pressure off of me as well as all their hard work, whilst holding down normal jobs and university at the same time!

My handiwork was put into providing favors and prizes for my guests:

They received a baby boy themed toy chest which when opened included two mini eggs and a baby themed charm!  I wanted to give my guests something unique and nothing tacky, I could easily have done a bag of sweets which seems to be the main favor idea but having something to keep and remember the day was a much better idea and made it personal.

My games and prizes table which also including a guest signing book so I could receive messages, advice and words of wisdom from my guests!  I am in the process of finishing the book with photos and items from the day to have as a keepsake.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank my amazing friends for all their hard work, spectacular gifts and for spoiling this baby before he has even arrived!

A nappy cake, tons of baby grows, scratch mittens, blankets and teddies were gratefully received but the packaging was so pretty, I didn't want to open or use anything!

Me centred around my guests, caught scoffing my face with cup cakes!

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