Thursday, 18 October 2012

Apologies to my loyal followers!!

Yes, I am back and boy, have I missed blogging!  The reason I have neglected it so, is because I had a baby!  My last post was in July and after this, it was the six weeks holiday and I just did not get the time or the motivation to pop onto my laptop and write anything.  I have so much stored up though and so many post ideas that its back logged in my baby brain and may show itself in the next few weeks!

So, now I have my motivation back and even with a new baby at home, I hope to find the time to continue blogging as I like to keep loyal to my readers, and enjoy having the odd rant here and there!

Apologies to you all who have continued to follow me and to those that gave up on me but I hope to reward you all with regular posts, updates and pictures galore!

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