Monday, 22 October 2012

Crafty Creatives - What's in the box?!

A very exciting project has taken over my life!  Crafty Creatives is a genius idea involving a box sent to your door every month containing craft goodies with a different theme, all for just £10!  This is the first box I have received although there have been three more previously and I decided that after seeing other people's boxes and projects on Facebook, that enough was enough and I had to sign up!

When my postman knocked on the door and presented me with my box I immediately rushed in and opened it! 

This is the beautiful paper I was greeted with when I opened the box and I did not want to take the sticker off in case I ruined it!  But after a successful opening I was like a kid in a toy shop when this is the beautiful sight before my eyes:


I could not wait to get stuck in but did not know where to start as it was all too exciting!
There were packages, envelopes containing crafts, materials and papers all with a Gothic theme to it.

This is a card where on the back it tells you exactly what the box contains with links to websites for handy tips and advice on how to use the materials.

In one of the envelopes, this piece of kit helps you to create your own masquerade mask!  I mean, this box was made for me!  What you see here is a guide on how to, a piece of black ribbon, a white cutting of tulle and black fabric paint.  As I write this I have begun to make mine and it involves tracing the mask and painting over the tulle, mine has to dry over night so watch this space for results!

The more I delved into the box, the more I could not believe what I was seeing!  This little group contains a large, winged pendant, two mini keys, a glass pendant, and two ring blanks in gothic style.  I have no idea how I will use these but I am looking forward to experimenting with them all, maybe a key ring will be involved and a necklace!

I am a big scrapbooking fan, so these materials will come in handy on my travels, including green spider mesh, black lace, and black non-woven fabric.

I squealed when I came across these skull beads!  I am a huge skull fan, even having one tattooed on my arm, so I may make these into a bracelet to fit my arm!

In the other envelope were these silver studs which I may use to jazz up a plain black top, or to use in a scrap book that I am in the middle of at the moment containing my rock gig tickets, these would fit that theme perfectly!

Gothic papers!  
These are so beautiful that I don't actually want to cut these up and use them but they cant just sit in a box rotting away either!  Spoilt for choice!

And finally, a collection of feathers to be used as I wish!

The excitement never ended when I had finished taking everything out the box because then I had the tough decision of how I would use each of the items throughout my life!  And once I have finally come to that conclusion, box number five will be on its way and I'll have to decide all over again!  
This project is better than christmas itself so thank you Crafty Creatives for losing me my social life and keeping me indoors opening and closing my box!

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  1. Ah great post! I also get this great package every month i am like a kid in a candy store!! I blogged about mine last week i just had to! Tomorrow i'm posting my first makes which is exciting! I love the photos you took of your goodies much clearer than most (including mine!) xx