Thursday, 18 October 2012

Day Zero Project - Have a Baby

Obviously,  I wanted another baby before I wrote out my Day Zero Project list otherwise my son would just be deemed as another challenge to tick off my list which is just wrong!  But I put it on my list because I was hoping to have a baby within the time limit of 101 days, and we successfully achieved this!

Meet baby Matthew Zane!

This was the first picture taken of him so he looks quite puffy and nothing compared to how he looks now!
  Matthew was five days late so I was pretty fed up.  I was huge, being a normally petite girl anyway, and my bump looked so strange as he was lying in an awkward position!
  I woke up on the Saturday morning and it was literally go, go, go as from that point my contractions began and after a very quick, yet extremely intense labour, he was born at 8:30pm.  I found this labour worse than my labour with my other son, maybe because it was so quick but I got through it on gas and air and pethidine.  When I was having contractions at home, I had the aid of my gym ball and a Tens machine but after a couple of hours using both, I gave up and found just leaning over my desk helped more!
  Matthew was a healthy 8lb 2oz which is heavy for me as Jacob was 7lb 1oz when he was born! 
We had to stay in hospital for two nights overall as he was a little jaundice and had a slight temperature, even though the heat in there did not help!

When we finally arrived home, we had visitors from both grandparents and my wonderful friend Kate who was a big help throughout.  I was worried about having visitors so soon as I had bad baby blues with my first baby but this time around I valued the company and have been more cheerier, I only had a couple of days of tears and then I almost felt back to normal!

Now, five weeks on and 3lb heavier, Matthew is settled in a daily routine, and is a very good baby.  He makes us laugh when he smiles, and is up twice in the night for feeds but we are handling the lack of sleep quite well!

I am now about to bore you with what I think are adorable photos of Matthews first month in the world, and the different facial expressions he has!

And lets not forget Matthew has a big brother!  Jacob has been brilliant with him, very protective and enjoys trying to entertain him.  He is very helpful but also still enjoys playing on his own or with his friend and asks a lot of questions about how Matthew will be when he is older.

Matthew recognises mummy, daddy and Jacob now by showing us a big gummy smile which just melts our heart!
Challenge complete!

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