Saturday, 15 December 2012

Crafty Creatives Number 6 - What's In the Box?!

I missed out on blogging about box number 5 as I have been so busy and even my blog has suffered because of this!  But I have managed to find time to get crafty, so see my post on Crocheting which came from the Nostalgic Christmas box last month.
  This month's box theme is Ice.

Very blue!
I was intrigued when I opened it as it was heavier than usual!  This is probably due to the creative kit this month which is to make a bath bomb!  Very inspiring and I cannot wait to make mine!  What I love about this project is the different themes and the kits that come with it every month.  It means I get to learn a new skill and craft which I may not have taken up previously and I am so excited about this!

The big fluff of wool will be used for a project I have in mind but in the meantime I could not help but make a pom-pom for my christmas tree!

I have not made one of these in years!

Also in the box were these mini packs of beads and dangly bits!  Plus a choker which Im not going to use for jewellery but for something for a lampshade I have that needs decorating! Watch this space for that challenge!

These gorgeous and nicely packaged hearts are one of my favorites from this months box but Im not sure what I will do with them yet!

I love badges!
And these with the Crafty Creatives logo on will probably go on my bag so I can show off to the world that I craft using their amazing boxes!

Thank you Crafty Creatives for making my freezing and miserable winter a lot more warmer and brighter!

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