Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Photo A Day - Day One - Today

Welcome to one of my new projects for 2013!

I came across this from Shell Louise blog who led me to the founder of it, FatMumSlim where every month she gives us prompt words to take a picture of.  I originally began as part of my Day Zero Project, a 365 Day Photo Challenge, and got to take 202 photos!  The reason I stopped unintentionally was because I got to 6 months pregnant and did not have the motivation or thought process to continue!  By the time I wanted to carry on with it, I did not see the point of starting from 203 as it would not have been a true interpretation of the challenge and would feel like cheating having missed all those days out!
  So, starting the new year, Im excited about doing this project because of the prompts.  Originally, I did the other challenge without any prompts so it was just a case of taking a picture.  At least there will now be more thought and meaning behind each picture I take!

Here is day one and the topic is:  Today

This represents our day!  We spent a few hours clearing up the remains of last nights festivities!

Check back tomorrow for the next prompt!



  1. Look forward to your posts I'm also doing this photo a day I'm using Instagram and will do a monthly round up. I lost heart in it last year I'm afraid!x

    1. oh yes, instagram is exactly what im using too! hopefully we can both stick it out this year, good luck! xx