Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Goodbye 2012 - My Aims for 2013!

To finish off my highlights of 2012, this post will conclude with my aims for 2013 but first lets look at those aims that I made in a post from last year!

I have stated that I don't make new year resolutions as I don't have any vices plus they are pointless!  If you're going to quit something then do it when you want to and not wait for a brand new year!  My aims last year included wanting to go to Paris with my best friends, completing over half of my Day Zero Project and to have a baby!  I had my son in September so that was my biggest aim and I went to Paris in February.  I have not really completed half of my day zero project but am just over a quarter of the way there so at least I have not given up i completing it!
  The aim that makes me laugh the most is - I wanted to have a healthy and happy 2012 whilst ignoring the Olympics!  Because surprisingly, and like most Brits, I turned my nose up this event when as a matter of fact I had a ball watching it for two weeks!  And in a sad way I miss it!
  I wanted to hit 60 more likes for my blog but only managed to get another 20 which is partly my fault because I had been slacking on the blog front whilst being pregnant.  I just did not have the energy or motivation to post anything.
So with these aims in mind, and knowing that at least I do achieve some of them, these are my new aims for the year 2013 -

  • To complete my Project Life and Photo -a-day projects on my blog
  • To keep promoting my new business and hope to have many bookings throughout the year
  • To be organised and have a routine in the household 
  • To attempt to go abroad with my children and fiance
  • To craft a lot more, finish scrapbooks, and take on new projects such as crocheting.
  • To keep my blog going!
May I take this opportunity to wish my readers and followers a very happy new year and many thanks for sticking with me even when the posts were lacking!


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