Wednesday, 3 August 2011

The Gallery - Birth

This weeks theme over at is Birth. 

I dont have any photos on my laptop that I could have used for this theme so I have uploaded these two, (apologies for the poor quality!).  They show pictures of my son on his first ever day and I put them into a scrap book that I made from the age of 0-5. 
  The first picture was taken when Jacob was about 12 hours old and is my favourite of him.  The second picture is a page I made for the scrapbook, detailing his important bits!!

It was and still is, one of the most incredible days of my life and such a surreal experience.  I wont go into details as we all know how we entered the world, but I was in labour for two days overall, but 5 hours once I got to hospital.  I only had gas & air as they refused me an epidural, (which Im quite pleased about in hindsight!) and after a little panic where his heartbeat slowed down, Jacob was born just as it began to snow outside!!  I fell in love with him instantly and being a mum to him is the best job out of the three I do!!  I still think about this day at least once a week as I cant believe I went through it, but I would gladly do it all again as its so rewarding!!  Watch this space......!!!


  1. Lovely post. I like the bit about the snow. With my first son, the first thing I became aware of after his birth were swirling Autumn leaves in gold, orange and red.
    With my Easter daughter, it was a skipping bunny rabbit.

  2. Thank hun, yes its things like that that make this special moment even more wonderful!! xx