Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Goodbye 2012 - My Top 10 Moments

2012 is a year to remember!  What with the Olympics and Diamond Jubilee, plus I spent all of it pregnant lol!  Well, it certainly felt longer than 9 months anyway!
  So seeing as I was pregnant for most of 2012, this did not hinder the fact that I could still have fun!  Here are my top ten moments of the year which occurred in my life and all of which I took part in with my bump or baby!

10 - Our Spa Weekend - This was a lovely treat from my son's grandmother for after I had our baby.  We travelled up to Leicester for the weekend, and on the Saturday evening, me and Dean had 5 hours in Ragdale Spa.  We enjoyed a massage each. investigating many different sauna rooms, a warm pool that took us outside, steam rooms and jacuzzi.  After being pampered, we had a three course meal in a posh dining room and it was the first glass of wine I had had in 9 months!

9 - My 29th Birthday - Ah, my last year of my twenties, and I was 6 weeks pregnant.  We went out for a lovely meal with my best friends and Dean took me to London to see Rock of Ages which was so much fun.

8 - Vintage Day out in Brighton - On a very windy day in April, me and the girlies travelled to Brighton to a vintage fair at the racecourse and then ventured out in Brighton town.  I love days like this where I can ooh and aah over unique and original items.  Brighton is one of my favourite places to be and I am always discovering new things every time I visit.  Me, Kate and Jenni had some good old fashioned fish and chips on the beach and took many photos!

7 - Seeing the Maccabees at Alexander Palace - I miss days like this, it was a warm sunny evening travelling to London.  I have been to many venues for gigs but have never been to Alexander Palace.  I liked where it was, open air and beautiful grounds.  The palace itself was impressive but I dont think it was the best venue for a gig.  The Maccebees blew me away however with their Given to the Wild album being so successful.  The sound was really good and the production was awesome with very minimal performance which did not need it.  They played all my favourites and I definetely want to see them again but perhaps in a smaller venue.  This was perhaps just a bit too echoey and large for a small band.

6 - An Olympic Day Out - I was very surprised at myself for thoroughly enjoying the Olympics in the end, after being so dismissive of it beforehand!  So when the events finally kicked in, I really wanted to soak up the atmosphere like everyone else!  We had not intended on going anywhere so we missed out on tickets for the olympic park but we still decided to venture out to London even though I was about 8 months pregnant! Despite the boiling hot weather and many crowds, I still had a good day but it was tiring and hard work!  We popped to Westfields first which was crazy, and got as far as the entrance to the Olympic stadium before we had to turn back as we were not allowed in without tickets!  We then hopped on a train to Hyde Park which was a great alternative.  It was free to get in and we took a blanket so we could sit in front of the screens and soak up the atmosphere that way. It was a bit uncomfortable for me to be sitting on hard woodchip with a blanket and so low down on the ground!  I had a few grumpy moments where my back was hurting but me and Jacob played some ball games, (with me sitting down!) and I enjoyed the free concert, seeing Temper Trap and Ocean Colour Scene.  We walked to Bond Street to grab a McDoanlds then headed home.  It was a fabulous day and Im glad we did it however much pain I was in!

5 - Harry Potter tour - One of the best days out I have ever had!  The tickets were very expensive but they were so worth it!  Again, it was another hot day but inside was cool and again I was quite pregnant and had shooting pains down my leg!  But I got through it and thank goodness I did because I wouldn't have missed it for the world!  We explored the Great Hall, all the sets, the props and the best bit was outside seeing the Knight bus and where Harry Potter lived!  I would definetely pay money to go again.

4 - Seeing Coldplay live at the Emirates - Me and Dean saw Coldplay on the same day as the Jubilee concert.  We got there early to get some seats and had a good view, we then enjoyed some support acts before the main event.  And what an event it was!  Coldplay's most spectacular gig to date involved balloons, glitter, pyro-technics and even some tears from me!  We also had wristbands which lit up in time with their music and was a big highlight especially when it got dark and everyone's lit up at the same time.

3 - My Baby Shower - I had never hosted a baby shower for me or my friends before so this was a perfect opportunity to do one at 7 months pregnant.  My fab friends, Kate, Jenni and Claire got together to help me host a shower with a vintage tea party theme in my home and I had such a fabulous time!  There were cupcakes with my scan picture on, cake stands, vintage tea cups, nappy cakes and presents plus I made some games for the entertainment!  It was a memorable event to treasure forever.

2 - A Weekend in Paris with my best friends - In February, me, Jenni and Kate went to Paris on the Eurostar for three days and we had a brilliant time.  We saw all the sights including the Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame, Sacre Cour, Moulin Rouge, Arc d'Triomphe and the Louvre.  We had such a laugh and one trip I will always remember. xx

1 - Having My Son - So after walking around Paris, London, my home town and dragging myself everywhere pregnant, I finally had my biggest highlight of them all!  Matthew Zane was born in September and was the best thing of the year!

Goodbye 2012 - its definetely been a memorable year!


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