Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Goodbye 2012 - My Top 10 Photos

Continuing my run down of the year, here are my top ten favourite pictures of 2012!

10 - Taken at a vintage fair, I love the colours in this picture!

9 - I wanted this picture to look like an old seaside postcard and hopefully I have achieved it.

8 - Aww my new addition, Matthew at about 2 and a half months old smiling one of his first smiles.

7 - I am always taking pictures of the field behind my home and this was a haunting, mystical view.

6- Seeing as I spent most of 2012 pregnant, this was one of the nicest ones of me and my bump.

5 - This portrays my son and fiance's hands on my bump whilst lying in bed, the baby was kicking just after this was taken. x

4 - Another view from my kitchen window, it was a cold, winters afternoon with the horses.

3 - One of my favourite photos ever, taken at the Harry Potter Studios, I love the way this picture was gloomy before I vamped it up using Instagram!  You can see the detail in Hogwarts a lot clearer.

2 - Another picture taken from a day out in Brighton, I have emphasized the front wave so you get the feel of it still coming towards you.

1 - My favourite photo of them all, taken at the Emirates whilst watching Coldplay play live.  The mixture of colour, glitter, and balls plus the crowd makes a wonderful rainbow!  i most probably will get this put onto a canvas and put it in my living room!

If it was not for Instagram, I dont think half these pictures would look as good as the way they do!


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