Saturday, 31 December 2011

Goodbye 2011 - Top Ten Aims for 2012

So, over the last week we have looked at my Top 10 Music Highlights,  Top 10 Songs of the Year, Top 10 Personal Moments, Top 10 Photos, and Top Ten Blog Posts all from the year 2011.  To end this project, I conclude with my hopes and aims for the year ahead.  I don't make new years resolutions because if I want to change something I normally do it throughout the year and not wait until a new one starts.  I dont diet, smoke, or have any other vices that I need to quit, and anything I do need to do will be done in my own time! 
  However, this post will be my aims for a year ahead, most of which I already know will be happening and I am also including plans for my blog, as this is my first new year blogging, and it will need a revamp of some sorts!
  So here goes, and may I take this opportunity to wish all my followers, readers, bloggers and internet pals a very happy new year and may 2012 bring everyone joy!!

Aims -

  • To have completed half of my Day Zero Project
  • To have a baby or at least get pregnant before the year is out!
  • To go to Paris with my girl friends
  • To have hit 100 followers on my blog, 60 more to go then!
  • To spend more time with my son now that I have quit my evening job
  • To carry on saving hard
  • To decorate my new home
  • To have fresh ideas for blog posts, (watch this space!)
  • To start some competitions and maybe even a meme on my blog!
  • To have a happy and healthy 2012, whilst ignoring the Olympics!

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  1. Hi
    Its a really good idea having aims instead of resolutions. Im just starting on the photo 365 and the 101 in 1001 myself, i agree its better to tackle a task when your ready than to stress with a resolotion.Good luck with your aims for the new year.
    cat x (making it as mum)