Thursday, 29 December 2011

Goodbye 2011 - Top Ten Blog Posts

As my highlights almost draw to an end, I thought todays post could be about my top ten blog posts.  I began blogging in April and it has been a true highlight of my year, giving me comfort and joy everytime I turn in my laptop.  And thanks to my followers, you have kept me going as sometimes it feels like I'm writing to myself! Thanks also to Kate Takes 5 and Stciky Fingers who due to their fantastic memes, Listography and The Gallery, I have generated some of my most page views!  Here are my most visited blog posts and long may they continue to be read!

10:  Top 5 Men I Used to Fancy - thanks to Kate's listography!

9:  My Reading Festival Diary - One Day Like This - highlights of my first ever festival

8:  Top 5 Celebrities I'd Like to Go For a Beer With - again, thanks to Kate's Listography!

7:  Our Trip to the Roald Dahl Musuem - one wet, summers day our journey to the museum

6;  365 Day Photo Challenege - Day One - my first picture in the challenge

5:  This Time Last Year and the Taboo Subject of Miscarriage - a heartfelt post, and speaks for itself

4:  Listography - Things We Got Upto Last Week - and what a very busy week it was!

3:  My First Tattoo.. And Maybe My Last! - one of my very first blog posts

2:  My Norebook Obsession - thanks to

1:  Day Zero Project - Meeting David Tennant - with a record breaking 654 page views, which is 500 more than the post above, the views just keep coming!


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